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Suite 508 , 1 Alie Street Alie Street, London E1 8DE
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I approached Sova Infotech with my new business model, from day one they were enthusiastic and helped me not only with the development of my site but also with the marketing, they made everything so simple and the end result was fantastic. A huge thumbs up from me!


Five stars. Thank you Sova Infotech for your help making my website, everyone was so friendly and I can’t describe how pleased I am with the result. I was nervous about starting a business but I have not looked back since. I will be recommending!


When we launched our e-commerce range we chose Sova Infotech to help with the design and development. They did a fantastic job and we are very pleased with how the website turned out. We were able to collaborate successfully on design and find a balance between our vision, where we could convey what we wanted, and the designers accurate depiction of our vision.


I started a small family run business and chose Sova Infotech to help with the website, as I’m hopeless with technology! The price was very fair, and the site looks amazing! I’m so pleased with how it turned out. Thank you Sova Infotech for making a family very happy!

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