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Terms & Conditions

 By placing an order of service provided by Sova Infotech, you agree and are bound to the terms and conditions below.

The Client: The customer requesting the services of Sova Infotech.

Sova Infotech:
Project lead/site owner, employees and affiliates.

Sova Infotech will commence work once an agreement has been reached and received via email, telephone, fax or mail. Sova Infotech will only provide service for customers 18 years of age or above. Our clarification of an ‘order’ or ‘service’ is a written/verbal contract between Sova Infotech and the customer, including correspondence via telephone and email.

Website Design
Although every project is designed with the intention of being error-free, Sova Infotech cannot be held responsible for losses attained through malfunction, the website or any affiliation with Sova Infotech.

Until all payments are received in full, the website, graphics, and all programming code are owned by Sova Infotech.

Any scripts, cgi applications, php scripts, or software written by Sova Infotech are copyright under Sova Infotech and may only be manufactured with the consent of Sova Infotech.

Sova Infotech will not take responsibility for copyright infringement caused by materials submitted by the client. We reserve the right to decline any copyrighted material unless substantial permission is given to use it.

Any additional web copy, design and development or any addition to brief will be created with the confidentiality of Sova Infotech secured, Sova Infotech will not take responsibility that all additions are errorless, and reserve the right for additional fees.

The customer agrees to provide all materials necessary for the completion of site to the agreed standard and within the set deadline.

Sova Infotech will not be liable on behalf of the client for costs, compensation or change in earnings due to site availability, software or all services provided by affiliates and agents.

50% payment in deposit is required before any work is initiated.

Once the project has been completed all agreed payment is required. This is without exception, if the client decides they don’t want the site, because the work is commissioned full balance will still need to be paid for the finished project. If the client fails to uphold this, legal action will be taken if necessary.