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With the increasing demand of online business, a classically designed website will always going to be beneficial if you are looking to make your presence felt online. This is why; the web design should be done with proper care along with a creative approach. At Sova InfoTech, we offer all genres of web solutions with latest technological approach for our clients, making sure our clients will receive a premium quality service. With various technologies, we embrace modern marketing tools in order to boost our client’s sales. According to the client’s requirements we develop the website in numerous scripting languages and a few of them, have been enlisted below.


Microsoft developed ASP.NET to develop web pages and other web services. ASP is the open source web application that is meant for web developers who wish to create dynamic web pages.


Google developed the operating system Android that is based on Linux Kernel. The operating system is developed for smart phones and tablets with touch screen design.


Both HTML and XML are languages that can encode documents in such way that can be readable by both machines and humans. But XML shows the exact data while HTML shows about how the data looks.


Microsoft has developed this particular software framework. Initially, the framework was only for the Windows platform for PCs but now it is also available for mobile computing.


PHP is a scripting language that is generally known to run on a web server. PHP is used to create dynamic web pages and web images that can be used in websites.


CSS3 is one of the latest evolutions of Cascade Style sheet language. The main feature of this extended version of CSS2.1. It offers novelties such as gradients, animations, rounded corners or shadows as well as numerous attractive layouts such as flexible box or multi columns or even layouts in grid views.


C++ is a programming language that is used for generic programs. Some of the features of the C++ programming are efficiency, flexibility and designs.


Ajax is mainly XMLHttp request that is used in communicating with server scripts. It can communicate in various formats such as HTML, XML, and JSON and also at times in TXT.


Bootstrap is an open source web framework that is free to use. The framework is designed to work on HTML, JAVA and CSS to makes websites mobile responsive.


Cake PHP is an open source framework that is simple to use but yet faster in developing various web applications. It consists of a database layer that is flexible and hence it is capable of developing small as well as bigger systems faster.