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About Us

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About Us

Welcome to Sova Infotech, leading providers of web-services. Here, we understand how business strategy, process and information can support a successful platform in the business world today. We consistently provide the best solutions, while always backed by an outstanding support team. At Sova Infotech, we understand the questions that can arise with a project, which is why we offer ourselves as the solution. Our work encompasses a wide range of services ranging from IT consultancy, branding, digital marketing, SEO, search engine marketing, and social media optimization to full scale web development and digital website design. We offer end to end solutions that exceed all expectations.

No project is too big or too small. We always put equal emphasis on every project, and make every project a main priority. At Sova Infotech we work with giant corporations, small businesses, councils and individuals. With in depth and real world practical knowledge, we offer realistic solutions to a wide variety of business needs. We utilise our vast experience to comprehensively and quickly meet our client’s goals. At Sova Infotech we make success a habit. We make the pushing of boundaries and limitations a natural daily occurrence, until we realise that there are no boundaries and there are no limitations. There is only a vast horizon with greater success for your business.

At Sova Infotech we love what we do, but we are strict in maintaining core ethical values. We want to be honest in our approach, and by reaching out to you with the integrity of honesty, we can truly understand your vision and achieve success. We understand innovation never sits still, so we are always looking outside of the box. And always ahead of the competition. We can deliver innovation within a given time frame, and at an affordable price. We, at Sova Infotech, take pride in our integrity and our work.


Strategic Thinking

With so much competition on the internet, it’s vital that a project is properly managed. At Sova Infotech we provide strategic thinking, helping you to meet organisational challenges essential to a fruitful online presence.

Perfect Collaboration

There is no I in team. At Sova Infotech we understand that where we are limited as individuals, we are unlimited as a team. Instead of a single person working on your project, we’ll assign a complete cross functional team. As we collaborate on your vision, you become one of us. Welcome.

Unique Qualities

In a field where there is so much competition. It’s important to stay ahead of the game. Our unique qualities come from a passion that doesn’t let us go home at night unless we’re satisfied. We demand the best from ourselves, making innovation a daily occurrence. Our expertise encompasses different domains of IT solutions, web design, app development, software development and we can take crucial decisions on building responsive or native apps.

What we do

Our team have vast experience dealing with different industries. Here’s a selection:

Beautiful Design

Our graphic designers are highly skilled and qualified in beautiful and effective website design. We believe that extra little touch can make the difference

User-Friendly Interface

It is imperative that a successful website is user-friendly. We provide fluent and understandable interfaces that work.

100% Responsive Layouts

With the advance of technology it is important that your website is mobile responsive. That is why at Sova Infotech we make all our websites 100% compatible with mobile and tablets.

Professional Support

Starting a website can be a daunting experience, which is why at Sova Infotech we offer full professional support with all our services. We are here to help.


At Sova Infotech we don’t just make you a website and leave you in the dark. Once you become our client we will assist you in any way we can; SEO, marketing, support and advice.

Create Your Vision

We do the nitty-gritty work, but your vision is the foundation. We are good listeners, and we are able to put into motion what you have dreamt.